wypunktowanie 1 poziomu Road marking service
wypunktowanie 1 poziomu  Thin-layer marking
  • With acrylic solvent-based paints
  • With water-based paints
  • With 2-component paints
wypunktowanie 1 poziomu  Thick-layer marking
  • With thermoplastic materials
  • With 2-component cold plastic materials
wypunktowanie 2 poziomu  Mounting reflective safety elements (cat’s eyes)
wypunktowanie 2 poziomu Remarking and renovation of thick-layer marking
wypunktowanie 2 poziomu  With thermoplastic sparayable materials
wypunktowanie 2 poziomu  2-component cold plastic sprayable materials
wypunktowanie 2 poziomu Road marking removal
wypunktowanie 2 poziomu  With milling method
wypunktowanie 2 poziomu  With grinding method
wypunktowanie 2 poziomu  With high-pressure water method
wypunktowanie 2 poziomu Measurement of road marking parameters
wypunktowanie 2 poziomu Summer and winter road maintenance
With use of the special multi-purpose vehicles, like UNIMOG Mercedes Benz type, equipped with snowploughs and/or salt-spreaders, keeping the road surface clear from the snow and safely rough.

We ensure: reliability, punctuality, fast progress of works, short realization times.