The durable thick layer marking is still existing after 3 years of being used but the parameters of such marking like f.e. day visibility factor (ü, Qd) or night visibility factor (RL) don’t answer safety requirements after that time. That has been a considerable problem for Road Administration Units for a long time. Renovation of this type of marking without the necessity of removing it (means without the additional investments ) appeared an efficient method.

Renovation of thermoplastic or 2-component cold plastic thick layer marking can be performed by applying thin (1 mm) coat of cold or hot sprayplastic and spraying the proper quantity of new glass beads on the top of such fresh marking. Using this method we can bring the safety parameters again to the right level for the next couple of years.

PUH DROGPOL Sp. z o.o. has professional equipment for marking renovation of both types: thermoplastic and 2-component cold plastic marking. These are machines of famous European road marking equipment manufactures: Company HOFMANN – Germany and Company WINTER Germany.


maszyna_03_01_open maszyna_03_02_open
Machine for application of 2-component cold spray plastic materials Machine for application of hot spray plastic material