DROGPOL was one of the first marking companies in Poland which brought paint marking with AIRLESS system to the market. Our Company makes more than 800 thousands sqm of thin-layer marking per year, on the roads of all categories.

We perform the thin layer marking (0,3-0,8 mm ) using the best quality materials (acrylic /solvent paints, water-based paints) and the newest generation of road marking equipment. The material choice is up to the individual requirements of the Customer. Our road marking equipment suppliers are reputable manufactures like: PROSIGN – France, HOFMANN – Germany, WINTER – Germany, GRACO-USA

Apart of traditional methods of road marking we improve the safety of the traffic by some particular technologies like f.e.:

  • VNTP – visibility at night during the rain,
  • Technology Line if Life – enables crossing the road immediately after the execution of marking and ensures longer durability of marking.


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HOFFMAN machine type H-26 PROSIGN machine type G-410 PROSIGN machine type G-470 PROSIGN machine type G-640