This definition is referring to the road marking of the thickness from 0,9 mm till 5,0 mm. It is usually executed on the new sections of regional roads, national roads, express roads and motorways.
Basically we distinguish two main types of thick-layer marking:

  • Using the thermoplastic materials.
  • Using two-component cold plastic materials.
  • Both technologies are used to achieve different types of lines: flat or structural.

The choice of marking technology depends on the individual requirements and needs of the customer.

To meet various customer’s expectations Company PHU “DROGPOL” Sp. z o.o. is able to supply all kinds of road markings to the market .

For the execution of thermoplastic thick layer marking we use the machines of the main European leaders in production of road marking equipment, such as HOFMANN GmbH Germany or WINTER GmbH – Germany.

maszyna_02_01_open maszyna_02_02_open
HOFFMAN machine type H-26 WINTER machine type WKP251GTLR

The pictures below present the samples of various kinds of thick-layer marking which DROGPOL Company is able to perform, using various marking methods and materials


maszyna_02_03_open maszyna_02_04_open maszyna_02_05_open
Thermoplastic marking MULTI-DOT-LINE Thermoplastic marking Profiles (900) Thermoplastic marking Profiles (900) with ground line


maszyna_02_06_open maszyna_02_07_open maszyna_02_08_open
 2-component cold plastic marking SPOTFLEX type  2-component cold plastic marking structure marking  

2-component cold plastic marking Cross profiles with ground line