Road marking parameters have to be in accordance with the requirements of the norm PN-EN 1436, with technical specification notes and project documentation.

In the organization structure of our Company it was established the Quality Control Department which is responsible for current and existing road marking basic measurements and researches. We have the suitable measurement instruments to measure the day-light visibility factors (ß and Qd), and the night visibility factor (RL). Furthermore we have the appropriate tools to measure the thickness and the width of marked lines.
We do the measurement as well for our own needs as for the external customers and road administrators.

All measurement instruments have valid certificates and they are currently legalized as it is required by law regulations.


maszyna_04_01_open maszyna_04_02_open maszyna_04_03_open
Measurement of (Qd)
– day-light visibility factor
Using REFLEX ROAD Digi 04
 Measurement of (ß)
– day light visibility
Using DIGI 01/P
Measurement of
line thickness using digital
instrument type ZMM 5000 Zehntner